Car wash

ZG Valet offers Car wash for vehicles left in our care.

Come back to a shiny and clean car. Conventional car washes require at least half an hour of your precious time. Why go out of your way and then wait long periods of time to have your car washed? Instead, consider allowing ZG Valet to clean your car while you eat at a restaurant or sleep at your hotel.

Let our number one car wash service clean your vehicle without leaving water marks or scratches. We use high quality gentle products to clean, shine, and polish the cars. The final coat gives the car anti-static properties and helps to keep it clean longer.

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Our highly trained specialists pay attention to every detail, yet they are able to work quickly and reliably. We can clean the inside as well as the outside of the vehicle. We provide vacuum, wipe, window cleaning, dash and console cleaning service as well.  We do not use water in our cleaning procedures because we are Eco-friendly.

Save water, save the planet!