Valet Parking

ZG Valet is a premiere parking management and valet parking service provider in the Greater Los Angeles area and Orange County.

Our highly trained professional attendants proudly provide valet service to numerous venues in Beverly Hills and all over Los Angeles. We ensure safe storage and return of the vehicles that are left in our care. Fast and efficient service is our top priority.

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Our prices are competitive and our service is exceptional. We will help to make your business look professional and over the top by providing the best valet parking experience your customers have ever seen. No need to look elsewhere. We work with our clients to make sure that we can provide them with a customized service for each of their unique parking needs.

Contact us and let’s make your vision come true!

Campus Valet

Campus valet parking is not a new concept but it has been gaining momentum within the last few years. Many schools, colleges, and universities now offer valet parking service not only during special events but also during regular days. Teachers, students, or honorary guests can use the service for convenience purposes. ZG Valet provides the same high quality service to campuses as it does to the restaurants and hotels. Excellent customer services is our top priority.

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Restaurant and hotel valet parking

Restaurant and hotel valet parking is our most sought for service. We make sure that the guests who arrive at a restaurant or a hotel form a warm and lasting first impression of the business. They are greeted with a smile and reassured that their vehicle will be taken care of during their stay.

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When the guests are ready to leave, our highly trained attendants make sure that the vehicle arrives promptly. We compliment the guests and wish them a good day. The last impression of the business is just as important as the first one, and ZG Valet will make sure that those impressions are memorable!